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Southeast Early China Roundtable!


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Founded in 1997, the Southeast Early China Roundtable (SEECR) is a group of scholars from the south Atlantic region who specialize or maintain an interest in the study of China, from the earliest period through the Tang dynasty. The purpose of the group is twofold -- first, to provide a forum for specialist discussion of all aspects of early China studies through yearly meetings; and second, to promote the study of early China in the Southeast by sponsoring public non-specialist lectures.  SEECR members typically host annual meetings at their academic institutions, providing meals, accommodations and meeting space for participants.  

The current Chair of SEECR is Keith Knapp, Professor of History at The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.

The 26th Annual SEECR will take place at The Citadel from October 27-29,2023.

Previous meetings are listed below:

1997 -- Charlottesville, Virginia 1998 -- Charleston, South Carolina 
1999 -- Asheville, North Carolina 2000 -- Athens, Georgia     
2001 -- Charlotte, North Carolina 2002 -- Chattanooga, Tennessee  
2003 -- Berea, Kentucky    2004 -- Gainesville, Florida   
2005 -- Chapel Hill, North Carolina 2006 -- Charleston, South Carolina
2007 -- St. Petersburg, Florida 2008 -- Jacksonville, Florida
2009 -- Athens, Georgia 2010 -- Lexington, Kentucky
2011 -- Sewanee, Tennessee 2012 -- Berea, Kentucky   
2013 -- Bowling Green, Kentucky    2014 -- Chapel Hill, North Carolina   
2015 -- Knoxville, Tennessee    2016 -- Charleston, South Carolina
2017 -- Sarasota, Florida 2018 -- Jacksonville, Florida
2019 -- Milledgeville, Georgia 2020 -- Sarasota, Florida (virtual)
2021-2022 -- Gainesville, Florida 2023 -- Charleston, South Carolina
2024 -- TBA 2025 -- TBA


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