Art and Architecture
Art & Material Culture of China
Asian Historical Architecture
Digital Palace Museum (Palace Museum, Beijing)
Golden Age of Chinese Archaeology (National Gallery of Art)
Timeline of Chinese Art History: 1000 B.C.-1 A.D. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization  (U. of WA)
Visualizing Early Chinese Landscape Painting  (UC-Berkeley)
Full Texts
Chinese Text Initiative (U. of Virginia)
Chinese Text Project
Classical Chinese Literature
A Primer in Chinese Buddhist Writings (Stanford U.)
Searchable Chinese Texts (Palace Museum, Taiwan)
Six Chinese Classics (Tokyo U.)
Wengu: Chinese Classics
Early China: Materials in Western Languages
Bibliography of Western Works on Early Medieval China
Dissertation Reviews: China
Tang Dynasty Bibliography (U. of Maine-Farmington)
Philosophy and Religion
Chinese Philosophy Articles (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Chinese Philosophy Articles (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Chinese Religions Links (Kenyon College)
Warp, Weft, and Way
Yijing Website (Rice U.)
Chinese Dynasty Guide (Minneapolis Institute of Arts)
Timeline of Early Chinese Philosophy (Indiana U.)
Timeline for China to 1700 (Indiana U.)
Daoist Studies
Glossary of Early Chinese Terms (Indiana U.)
Philosophical Map of Classical China (Indiana U.)
Society for the Study of Chinese Religions
Resources in Chinese Philosophy (Chinese U. of Hong Kong)

CJKV-English Dictionary (Toyo Gakuen)
Chinese Characters Dictionary Web
Chinese Etymology
East Asian Buddhist Studies: Reference Guide
Guide to Reading Chinese Coin Inscriptions
MDBG Chinese Dictionary

Scholarly Organizations
Early Medieval China Group
International Society for Chinese Philosophy
Society for the Study of Early China
Southeast Early China Roundtable
T'ang Studies Society
Warring States Project (U. of MA)

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