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Last updated on March 12, 2012

Unsolicited articles are welcomed, but the following lists, as well as these guidelines, should be consulted prior to submission. All submissions are subject to anonymous peer review.

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The following articles currently are needed:

Buddhist Philosophy in China
Classical Chinese Philosophy
Hanfeizi (Han Fei-tzu)
Kang Youwei (K’ang Yu-wei)
Karma in Chinese Philosophy
Law in Chinese Philosophy
Lu Xiangshan (Lu Hsiang-shan)
Nature in Chinese Philosophy
Tu Weiming (Tu Wei-ming)
Wang Fuzhi (Wang Fu-chih)
Yan Yuan (Yen Yuan)

The following articles currently are in production:

Confucian Philosophy
Dong Zhongshu (Tung Chung-shu)
Feng Youlan (Fung Yu-lan)
Gender in Chinese Philosophy
Logic in Classical Chinese Philosophy
Shao Yong (Shao Yung)
Xiong Shili (Hsiong Shih-li)
Zhang Junmai (Carsun Chang)

Zhou Dunyi (Chou Tun-i)