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The material accessed via this page is a result of a five-year evaluative study of the Bibliographic Instruction Program at Berea College. The study was also the subject of a break-out session at ALA's 114th Annual Conference in Chicago (June 25, 1995). Please address questions, inquiries and comments to the co-presenters/authors listed below.


Assessment and accountability have long been in demand for library bibliographic instruction programs. Both were major goals in the evaluation of Berea College's bibliographic instruction program from 1989 to 1993. This report describes the five-year evaluative study of Berea's program and the methodologies employed: a pre-test and post-test, a faculty survey, focus group interviews, and bibliography evaluations. Challenges and problems encountered during the study, changes implemented in Berea's instruction program as a result of the study, and implications for future research are discussed.

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Not all Appendices have been included here. In particular, those which make heavy use of graphics have been excluded. The following Appendices are available in print version from the authors upon request.

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